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5×5 Timer5×5 Timer


5×5 Timer is a high-performance programmable timer app, which can be used for various purposes such as sports, study, and improving work efficiency.
5×5 Timer works even when another app is working, thanks to the background function.

• Stylish and intuitive interface is provided.
• You can register up to 5 programs with up to five steps.
• The progress bar allows the intuitive grasp of the remaining time.
• The remaining time is displayed digitally on the big screen. It is also possible to view it on full screen.
• Repeat function comes with. Timer program can be executed repeatedly.
• Let you know the end of each step by the alarm when remaining time reaches zero.
• In silent mode, the message and vibration tell you the step end.
• Works even in background and even when iPhone is locked.
• 1 step is up to 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Examples of applications:
• Interval training for athletics.
• To grasp elapsed time while jogging.
• Sparring of martial arts.
• Study of qualifications, languages, and so on.
• Pasta boiling time.
• Time management for meetings.
• Improving work efficiency by sandwiching regular breaks (Pomodoro technique).
•Etc …

Price: Free

Screen shots:



Update History:

6/8/2011 5×5 Timer 1.0 was released.

11/8/2011 1.01 The difference between the screenshot and the main screen was solved.


5×5 Timerはプログラム可能な高機能タイマーアプリです。




価格: 無料





6/8/2011 5×5 Timer 1.0がリリースされました。

11/8/2011 1.01 スクリーンショットとメイン画面が異なる問題が解決されました。